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A Message From Our Pastor

My Dear People,

Another weekend comes by and you don't see me. I assure you that I am not being held captive anywhere!! Ha Ha

Two weeks ago I came down with Shingles. If you know anything about Shingles, you know it is very debilitating. I have it on my head and face. I kind of look like a monster but that is not the reason I am not on the altar. This is a very painful experience. There are two kinds of pain; internal pain which is like an intense feeling of being stabbed, and external pain which is also very intense. I am on pain medication, one for the internal pain and one for the external pain. My doctor told me not to do anything until this subsides.

Your prayers and good wishes are very important to me. I know that through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Charlene, and all the Saints, I will get better. The only thing is that we do not know how long this will take, so I can't tell you at this point when I will be back.

I love you all and offer up my sufferings for your needs.

In Jesus who suffered for all of us,

Fr. Wayne

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